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He grew up in the country, in the village Broadbridge Heath, just outside of West Sussex.

Sadly, many of them are no longer alive and able to refute this claim.

Let's see some real evidence to back it up.* Lovin' eyes can't ever see *Per: Sledge, best remembered for the romantic classic, "When A Man Loves A Woman" (#1 Pop, #1 R&B-1966) but who charted thirteen other times on the Pop charts alone in nine years, died of liver cancer Tuesday (April 14th, 2015) in Baton Rouge, Louisiana at the age of 73.

He scored more hits in the next decade, with 1973's "Sunshine" and 1974's "I'll Be Your Everything." His next hit was a surprising one: "When a Man Loves a Woman" received a surge in interest after it was featured in Oliver Stone's 1987 Vietnam War movie . The song became an enduring hit, in part, due to the real pain in Sledge's voice.

The tune began as a pleading ballad with the Esquires, after Sledge lost both his construction job and his girl.

Without some solid confirmation of this claim, I would side with the known bass players in Detroit, Memphis, New Orleans, Muscle Shoals, etc.

who have documented participation on these well known soul songs of the mid 60s.

Shelley's close circle of friends included some of the most important progressive thinkers of the day, including his father-in-law, the philosopher William Godwin and Leigh Hunt.

Though Shelley's poetry and prose output remained steady throughout his life, most publishers and journals declined to publish his work for fear of being arrested for either blasphemy or sedition.

pop chart, and was the first chart-topper to come out of the Muscle Shoals, Alabama music scene.

He previously performed as a member of the Esquires Combo, but his breakout success as a solo artist paved the way for several more hits, including "Warm and Tender Love," "It Tears Me Up," and "Out of Left Field," among others. that year and stayed on the country's charts for 10 weeks, a notable feat since it had reached only Number Four in that country upon its initial release.

On June 25th 1966, Percy Sledge performed at the "Beach Boys Summer Spectacular" concert* at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles...