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Bharti Airtel's aggressive 3GB free offer per month to new users has further ratcheted up the competitive pressure in the industry.

Bharti Airtel on Tuesday announced a special scheme under which it is offering free data for 12 months to customers who switch to its 4G network.

So if we look at the number, Tata Sky provides the maximum number of HD channels.

It'll help you in deciding which DTH service provider is best for you.

We have 7 DTH service providers in India: DD Direct aka Free Dish is a free-to-air satellite service in India, actually its the only FTA satellite service in India. Following is the exclusive list of all HD channels available in India along with their availability on above mentioned DTH platforms: We are counting only true HD channels here.

Dish TV claims to have maximum HD channels but some of them are upscaled HD channels not true HD channels.

People regularly send us emails asking whether a particular HD channel is available on their desired DTH platform or not.