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Arielle dating kebbel

She has appeared in numbers of movies including in the past, however, her present relationship has not been revealed in public.

Season 5, Episode 13January 28, 2005Sean and Claudia miss Lily's graduation (and throw a wrench into her senior-prank plans) when Claudia goes into labor. Season 5, Episode 12January 21, 2005Eddie's former girlfriend (Elizabeth Berridge) displays naked pictures of him at an art gallery, but he's afraid to tell her to stop because he thinks she's crazy.

And I’m having a blast because they’re having a blast.

I left every day of work on this with a smile on my face.“Don’t forget, these are two best friends competing against each other,” Kebbel notes, “and some of these friends live together.

Kebbel: Absolutely anything is possible, especially in the world of “The Vampire Diaries.” Preview This!