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Arnelle simpson dating tyson

Simpson was sentenced to two days in jail, fined $2,800 and ordered to enter an 18-month-drunk driving program.

That’s saying a lot, because he really loved women. I couldn’t count the number of hoochies Pac slept with while I was working with him. Women threw themselves at Pac and he wasn’t dodging – including Madonna; Faith Evans (Biggie Small’s wife); OJ Simpson’s daughter, Arnelle; and Kidada Jones (Quincy Jones’ daughter). I met a ton of people – like Samuel L Jackson and Tim Roth. He and Tupac had a lot in common: the bad boy thing. I remember one time on tour, Tupac had Mike come up on stage and do a song with him.

When he first got out of bed every morning, he rolled a Philly Blunt. You basically take a cigar, slice it up in the middle, take out the tobacco and replace it with weed. Tupac looked at things like this: money, first; weed, second; pussy, third.

I spent 11 years in the Marines and trained to become a world-class bodybuilding champion. He was like the Energiser Bunny; he was a workaholic. He used to try to shake his security, but I was the only one who managed to stick with him. You’re going to tell your friends, ‘Hey I just got into a fight and guess who it was with? ’ And someone’s going to say, ‘You know what, lets go get some payback.’ I can see that happen. After the fight we planned to go to 662, Suge’s club.

Now, that I've seen these photos, physically, she really hasn't changed too much. Anywhoo, these pics were snapped by a member of the paparazzi back in 2000. In 1998, Arnelle (30-years old at the time) was arrested on drunk driving charges after she lost control of her Saab, crashed into a bus bench and slammed into a Beverly Hills apartment building.

We heard they hooked you up with Snoop and the Dog Pound, and after your quick thinking saved them from being shot in New York, Tupac asked you to work for him. But first Suge wanted us to go over to his place so that he could change. This black gun stuck out of the back window and just started blasting the back of Pac’s BMW. They blasted into the car 13 to 15 times, emptied the clip, and took off.] cos they were gonna be drinking and I was the only one who wasn’t. If I got the opportunity to do it again tomorrow I’d have to do a whole lot of thinking.

Didn’t he get into a fight on the night he got shot? It was with Orlando Anderson, a Crip from the South Side. Anderson tried to throw one back, but ended up going down, and that’s when a ton of Death Row guys jumped on him.

He married Lois Foerster on November 25, 1935, and they had five children: Arthur Jack a television host also known as Jack Linkletter, Dawn, Robert, Sharon and Diane.