Start Battlefield 2 points not updating

Battlefield 2 points not updating

The Colonel is the next highest rank and they can pretty much do everything the General can but break up the Platoon.

You can only represent one Platoon but you can also choose not to represent any.

In the weeks since the release of the Winter Battlefield 1 update and the They Shall Not Pass DLC, DICE has made some commitments to the feature of Battlefield 1.

The company’s confirmed new In The Name of the Tsar DLC details and a new free map called Nivelle Nights.

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Weighing in at around 1.97GB on consoles, and about 1.61GB on PC, the update addresses balance issues with the Operations game mode by increasing the effectiveness of the attacking team and reducing the amount of time it takes to capture flags.

and received positive reviews from most game reviewers.