Start Benefits consolidating vendors

Benefits consolidating vendors

Vendor consolidation savings go beyond just saving money on freight and prices.

Being more efficient in shipping translates to better optimization of the overall supply chain.

Having the critical mass of collaborative food processors is the foundation of a success consolidation program; one that can offer scheduled national deliveries.

What are the benefits of reducing a company’s vendor base?

Vendor consolidation is quickly becoming a practice endorsed by several companies who view it as the ideal way to reduce purchase prices, and freight, on incoming parts and materials.

Manufacturers’ relationships with retailers are also improved, since retailers will receive scheduled, consolidated deliveries in line with their continuous fulfillment strategies.

Load consolidation can significantly reduce overall shipping costs because manufacturers no longer pay for the inefficiencies of single LTL rates.

What complicates things even further is that organizations don’t employ experts that can make strategic decisions on print services and equipment purchases.