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Shane is a highly sought after speaker and media personality who blends humor, insight, empathy and “ah-ha” moments in a way that entertains and engages audiences.

Earlier this month, Best Black Dating released an infographic that breaks down the number of ‘eligible’ Black men available for every Black woman.

The data is grim if you look at it at face value: If a woman is interested in a heterosexual Black man with no children who has a high school diploma, earns upwards of 30k per year and who likes Black women and is not obese…there’s only three for every 100 Black women. A couple of things to be mindful of: For starters, “obese” is not a universal disqualifier in the race for love, a point made especially clear by the fact that 24 or 37 percent of all Black men are considered to be significantly overweight (depening on which set of statistics posted by the dating site that you choose to believe).

You captivated the audiences’ attention with your stories about the Obama’s and the Clinton’s, and also completely engaged them with questions about how Black men view Black women and vice-versa, and how to respect each other so that we learn to create win/win situations that will help our marriages work.

It was pleasure working with you on our CBC forum, and we will definitely call upon you for speaking engagements involving marriage and families in the future.”“Dr.

Do we immediately go run to men of other races out of fear that we might not be ‘lucky’ or shrewd enough to bag one of the THREE good Black men out there, regardless of our attraction level to non-Black men (the premise of this infograph suggests that every single one of us was a heterosexual dater-of-only-Black-men, for the record)? the 2800:th largest website within the world.

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