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Blue eyes guys dating

Everyone has their preferences, and I've dated gorgeous boys with all eye colors.

If you look at Scottish people, a lot of them are very fair-skinned, with light eyes and blond hair.

Asians are predominantly brown-eyed with smooth skin and glossy black hair.

So I just wanted to know if the blonde girls with blue eyes prefer guys that are blonde as well, and what is your personal preference in general?

Please don't get me wrong, I mean no offense and I am not saying that blonde girls are racist or anything like that, but I just want to know what you prefer.

In fact, most blonde girls I see are usually dating a blonde guy.

All the girls I have dated so far were brunettes, yet they were...

The next time you gaze into a guy’s eyes, take note of their colour – it may give you a far deeper glimpse into his personality than you’d expect.

Brown eyes are most common, followed by blue and then green.

What's weirder is even after they Photoshopped the blue eyes brown, they still found the men whose eyes were naturally brown more dominant. But I wouldn't mind having him come over and not be dominant in my apartment for awhile. If you're curious, you can read about the details of the study here.

The researchers theorize that the same genes responsible for eye color may somehow effect the production of testosterone, or perhaps blue eyed kids are treated differently while they're growing up.) with his hypnotic blue eyes.

:3 From a scientific standpoint, I'm not too sure why women, or men for that matter also, would prefer a certain eye color.