Start Bret and fretzie dating

Bret and fretzie dating

Fretzie: James, I Came here because that……I do not believe that you are gone……why you do this to me….i should have died in that not you. Fretzie: I should have died in what you have now,but you let me live because you and Ann deserved to be eachother,but its too late to change the destiny,because it was now fulfilled. Fretzie: I know that you love her,but I love you too, I love you because you are my friend,my bestfriend, But maybe Destiny changed you, Love changed you for every single day of our lives, Thank you for everything with me even with Bret and Others James, James, Thank you and I Love You Goodbye. Bret: James,you know that you are the luckiest guy I’ve ever met, Since we met as Classmates till now, You know James many people will miss you, Yuri, Andrea, Your Family, Fretzie and I even your Members of your Unit will definitely Miss you so much, I know that you love her Very Much and I Gave Respect on that, But now your Destiny was finally Fulfilled, I don’t know what to say about you just to say, Thank you James, Thank you For everything you have with me even to other people in almost many years we spend many moments,happy and sad moments together, And now you are now in heaven man, You are now with her, And I pray that your Eternal love with will be the Greatest Achievement you ever had, Rather than your medal and your Rank, Your Family and your Beloved even your Friends were More important than having medals on your chest, Thank you for everything James, Thank you my Friend and Goodbye man, Thank you and Goodbye.

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You can see it from her facial expression which is very relax and controlled.

The twinkle in her eyes when she smiles says it all.

Bret:we need to get some rest now, We are tired already.

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She is the 3rd place winner of Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash 2010. Check out this fansite/blogsite/site regularly for updates. Fretzie Bercede is a charming and down to earth girl from Cebu.