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Bsa backdating

Some pharmacies may be able to sell you a PPC, but you won't be able to pay via direct debit if you purchase one from a pharmacist.

This search engine, built using Google’s Custom Search feature, will focus your query on LTRC’s favorite legal tech sites, leading you to the information you need without the dozens of pages of useless results.

Head to and look for the custom search box at the bottom of the page.

Lawyers can lose client data, fail to represent diligently, perform incompetently, and violate the rules regarding attorney advertising. There are so many ways to potentially commit malpractice with technology that it’s impossible to list them all.

Still, here’s a stab at some of the more common missteps. But, one hopes, it is now clear that there are many significant dangers in the electronic world waiting to trap the unwary.

College of Letters and Science Review the L&S webpage for Graduation (including placing yourself on the degree list and related information).

If you are completing your last semester of college on EAP use Tele-BEARS to add yourself to the degree list for that semester IF the ending date of your EAP program is no later than: If your EAP program ends at a later date, add yourself to the degree list for the following semester or term.

At the beginning of your final semester on EAP, use Bear Facts to confirm that you are on the degree list for that semester.