Start Caroline wozniacki dating verdasco

Caroline wozniacki dating verdasco

Ivanovic’s career graph resembles that of another Anna, who also retired early: Anna Kournikova.

Tennis greats Steffi Graf and Andre Agassi have been together since 1999.

“I definitely got a few easy points off my serve,” Konta said.

“I felt I was able to keep pressure on in my service games and not give her too many looks at taking advantage.” The match-up reflected the global nature of tennis.

Search: See photos of them together Find: Watch his skills on the court Always a favorite with the female fans, Verdasco is currently dating this Manhattan-based underwear model who has also appeared in James Bond films. Search: Watch Fernando in action Once engaged to Martina Hingis, Stepanek has since moved on to marry another tennis player, who was once in the top 10 before retiring shortly after their nuptials. Search: See them together Find: Watch him on the tennis court The surprise 2011 French Open champion is married to her former teammate, and he has since become her coach.