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Cbs news iphone dating

His plan was to lure the thief to his own apartment and get the i Phone back.

It evens varies with how much you want to spend on your date! It’ll cost you one dollar, but it has conversation starters for any occasion.

Excuse Me- This i Phone app calls you and has a recorded voice on the other end in case you need to get out of there ASAP.

“A few hours later he was headed to ‘Jenniffer’s’ apartment for a relaxing bottle of wine and a good time,” Nirenberg wrote on his Facebook page. It my friend pic.” “Jenniffer In BK” goes on to suggest a bar near “her” home, or “I guess you could come to my place, though I think the bar might be a better idea.” They eventually agree to meet at “Jenniffer In BK’s” home, and the other person offers to bring some “win” (sic). Jenniffer In BK: Haha who talks on the phone anymore? I’ll make sure I’m around to chat while you’re on the way over. So I’ll be ready for you at 7, can’t wait Thief: So what u going to make for me. Jenniffer In BK: Haha I didn’t know we’d be having dinner. Thief: Will u give me a kiss:) Jenniffer In BK: Well as I said I’ve been lonely and don’t have a bf 😉 So lets have some wine and dinner and see where it takes us (I don’t see why not) The conversation continues until the person with his i Phone says he is outside.

(I could tell we weren't compatible from his profile, but I had to hear the low-fat donut story.) And there was the Presbyterian minister who broke my heart after we'd dated for a few months.

Nadav Nirenberg, 27, of Park Slope, Brooklyn, wrote on his Facebook page that on the night of New Year’s Eve, he left his i Phone in the back of a cab headed to a gig with his band, and someone picked it up.

“The guy very quickly turned it off and erased voicemails and text messages and e-mails offering a large reward, and saying I would come and pick it up and all that stuff,” Nirenberg said.

For several dates, "20/20" followed me and someone I'd met at a staged mixer.