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Chat room sex and toronto

The thousands of pages of chats span when Boone learned he was infected in Oct.

By the time investigators had finished 31 children had been rescued and more than 700 suspects rounded up worldwide.

A total of 24 Canadian suspects were caught up in the global operation and seven children in the country among those rescued.

Profound shame keeps women from seeking help in the same proportion as men, Penny Lawson says — shame, as well as derogatory and loaded words such as “promiscuous” and “slut” that society attaches to these kinds of behaviours in women.

As a result, “women aren’t inclined to come forward and say, ‘I need help,’” says Lawson, creator of Canada’s first residential treatment program for sexual addiction at Bellwood Health Services in Toronto.

The host of the chat room, Timothy David Martyn Cox, 27, of Buxhall, England, who used the online identity "Son of God," eventually admitted to nine counts of possessing and distributing indecent images, some containing babies as young as three months old.

Forensic teams examined Cox's computer and found 75,960 indecent and explicit images in addition to evidence that he had supplied 11,491 images to other site users.

To negative men he wanted to have unprotected sex with, he was “clean” or HIV positive, but posed no risk because his viral load was “undetectable.” To those who wanted to be infected, he was “very toxic.” In several chats, he admitted to having sex with a 17-year-old -- the same youth, the Crown alleges, who was actually infected -- without telling him he’s HIV positive. “HIV is no big deal.” He apologized to a man who discovered he was HIV positive after they had sex.

In one chat, Boone told a 15-year-old that HIV is “nothing to be scared of” -- comparing it to diabetes -- and most gay men want to be infected. “I’m really sorry - this is all still really new to me,” he wrote, describing himself as “a nice guy with a big heart.

OTTAWA -- Steven Boone said he loved to “stealth poz” sex partners -- the youngest 15 -- with HIV and gave graphic details about how to go about it.

He admitted to poking holes in condoms with partners who wanted to “play safe.” He talked of giving one “bug chaser” the “toothbrush treatment” to cause injury, increasing the risk of transmission.

He didn’t want to take medication to control his own HIV because “it’s harder to knock up boys if we’re non-toxic.” Boone’s trial on charges including attempted murder and aggravated sex assault involving six victims heard dozens of graphic, sexual MSN chats on Friday.