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It was so abundant in Alaska that a 50¢ bounty was established in 1917, increasing to $2 in 1949 before the bounty was overruled by federal regulation in 1952. The bird became rare in the mid- to late 1900s in the contiguous United States as persecution by humans greatly reduced survival and pesticides, primarily DDT, significantly lowered reproduction.

Selected as the national emblem of the United States in 1782 by Congress, in spite of Benjamin Franklin's arguments that the Wild Turkey () would serve better in that capacity, the Bald Eagle has long been a key symbol in the human cultures of the Americas; feathers and body parts of this species have shown up regularly in archaeological investigations of Native Americans ().

This system acquires data from a chat medium, and then automatically detects the chatter’s sex from the information exchanged between chatters and compares them with the known identities of the chatters.

To do this task, a simple discrimination function is used to determine the sex of the chatters.

Here, sex identification is taken as a base study in information mining in chat mediums.