Start Christian dating covenant

Christian dating covenant

It's been awhile since I've put together a study but I felt it on my heart to put together another study on marriage and relationships, this time about the Devil and how he seeks to destroy them.

Although you may be involved in various ministries in your local church, your spouse should be your primary ministry. In ministering to your husband or wife, Christ expects you to demonstrate to them his perfect love at all times. You see, you are the tool that God is using to help transform your mate into his perfect image; and your spouse is the tool that God is using to help transform you into his image. If you don’t know how to minister to your mate, pray and ask God to show you how, He’ll tell you.

Now, we drive as college mates, best friends and eager lovers.

There is necking and driving, reckless passion born of young frontal lobes.

My girlfriend, Becca, and I are driving in my black Subaru Forester, hunting for a solitary space.