Start Consolidating superannuation for

Consolidating superannuation for

Just email us with: We'll organise the transfer(s) and let you know when it's all done.

Bonus: it will also be easier to keep track of how your super investments are progressing if you only have one fund to look at, rather than multiple ones each with multiple investment options and strategies.

You're probably thinking: There are two ways you can roll all of your super into the one account:1.

If you already have a my Gov account, just log in and click through to the ATO section.

Next, go to the “super” tab and select "transfer super".

What to consider before consolidating Prior to making any sweeping decisions about your super funds, get informed.

Some funds may charge exit fees — you will need to find out which ones and how much they are.

It's like having multiple bank accounts, with a little bit in each, and each one being charged fees which can erode into hard-earned money.