Start Dating a former cheater

Dating a former cheater

Dump the Serial Cheat You’ve caught your partner cheating for the seventh time and your still wasting salt water on them; why? Why are you allowing this person to disrespect you? Whatever your reason for staying is; the truth is that they are no longer the person you dated from the birth of your relationship. Their self esteem and confidence in themselves has taken a major hit, but to the outside world they’ll be the strongest person you’ll know.

Infidelity is one of the most devastating things that can happen in a relationship.

When one partner cheats on another it leaves lifelong scars.

After all, the Internet and other technology, such as cell phones, provide easy access to willing partners and immediate gratification.

And without actual sex (or even necessarily the option of ever meeting face to face), online cheaters convince themselves that what they're doing is not cheating.

It hurts to have to start again because of all the time, energy and love you invested is now garbage.

So naturally you are scared to begin again, who wants to think that their time they invested was in a broader sense ‘wasted’. Conclusion Its time for change and every moment wasted with a serial cheat is more time your cheated out from being happy.

In fact, the innocence of youth and first love can make the wounds of infidelity cut even deeper.

Do people cheat because of something wrong in the relationship or is it something deep inside the cheater’s personality that leads them to stray? When it comes to cheating there are no easy answers.

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