Start Dating atlas canning jars

Dating atlas canning jars

He came back with very vintage blue and blue/green mason pint and quarts jars. " and he said, "Boxes." "How much you want for them and how many do you have to buy? He'd already dumped some off with an antique vendor who took about 100 jars, he mentioned. If they weren't what I expected I can always use jars.

Although the vessels were made of tin, the cans were lined with a glass container to prevent corrosion.

The evolution of fruit or canning jars parallels the science of food preservation, which itself was an attempt to address a critical need.

For centuries, rural farmers and the poor struggled to find ways to preserve food for the winter.

Nicholas Appert was up to Napoleon’s challenge—though his invention was a far cry from the Mason fruit jar that came later.

Appert devised a means to hermetically seal jars, which are just bottles with wider mouths. Interestingly, the heat killed the bacteria in the food product, but at the time people did not know that bacteria was the cause of spoilage.

I did a little shopping this weekend at my favorite antique and “junk ‘in” spots! Would you like to know how old your vintage mason jar is? – because some thought the fancy loop at the end looked like a third L.

After doing some research online, I found that these are probably one of the earlier sets of Ball jars to be manufactured.

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