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Dating campy components

In this same time period, Campagnolo has begun stamping-out it's own Cassettes, and re-boxing chains made in Germany (Rohloff) as their own. Record is dated February 1987, and is otherwise IDENTICAL to the 1987 Catalog below. Upgrades in both Nuovo groups from 1986 consist only of leather toe straps, black brake pads & a polished BB axle.

Q: What is the compatibility between 10speed and 11speed?

A: When Campagnolo started down the path of developing 11 speed, they looked at virtually every part of the transmission and redesigned it to cope with the extra demands of 11 speed.

Two different covers were made for the product catalog (shown). First and foremost, Throughout the early "C-Record" Era, Campagnolo was not offering a chain or an updated freewheel. Koln Catalog for the European Trade show in Koln, Germany. New for 1990 is the Xenon Road Group Dated 6/89, and the Centaur MTB group dated 4/89.

Regina's offerings were usually the item of choice. (Trade show catalogs showcase the upcoming model year.) As far as I know, no changes in 1990 for Record, Croce D'Aune and Chorus. Record & Croce D'Aune dated March 1988, Chorus & Athena dated April 1988, Euclid dated September 1988, Rims dated November 1988, Syncro & Synt dated February 1988. Catalog contains exploded assembly views of all components and detailed parts break-down and assembly.

Product is light and temperature sensitive; protect from light, excessive heat and freezing. Inoculate Campy Thioglycollate directly with a clinical specimen suspected of containing Campylobacter species. *** Recommended QC strains for User Quality Control according to the CLSI document M22 when applicable. Manual of Clinical Microbiology, American Society for Microbiology, Washington, D.

Note: Campy Thioglycollate is inoculated with organism, incubated for 8-12 hours, then subcultured to a Campy CVA Agar plate, or similar Campy media.

Hence, the cranks and cassette bodies are the same, but 11 speed requires new chainrings, sprockets, chain, front and rear gears and Ergopower levers.