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Dating in taiwan

Based on what is often written on blogs, websites, and social media, Taiwanese women seem to have gained a negative reputation.

In fact, up until right around the turn of the century, individuals in Taiwan who wanted to visit mainland China had to go through Hong Kong, as direct travel was not possible.

Taiwan has grown more liberal with a new-found freedom of expression that has allowed the girls to become more active in music, art, beauty and fashion.

In Taiwan there are primarily three categories of English-speaking foreigners.

The first group, English teachers, have by far the worst reputations.

The Expats I met in Poland were significantly better educated, as a group.

Doctors, lawyers, Indian Chiefs, you name it, Poland had it.

I was aware that Taiwanese culture is more conservative, but this flew in the face of the seemingly rampant sexual conquests experienced by others, so I really didn’t know what to expect.