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Dating traditionalist

Can't find a young lady who will homeschool the children.2.

However, in selecting and accepting a potential spouse, certain important conditions have to be met.

Specifically, are you aware of the proper Dating Etiquette that should be followed if you desire to have a happy relationship or marriage?

My friends and I would talk for hours about life and relationships.

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However, many women dislike this aspect of their marriage and feel angry about taking on all of the household responsibilities.

In Ghana, marriage is constructed according to the custom of ethnic group of which the couple live.

That’s the message noted marriage and family experts have in response to a recently released survey showing the percentage of married couples in the U. From reading blogs and meeting Catholic men I have come up with the Top Ten Reasons Traditional Catholic Men Say They Cannot Marry. Can't find a young lady who has not been corrupted by travel.8. Can't find a young lady whose father will pay a handsome dowry.4.