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Dating vam

One thing that has always frustrated me about social media documentation of hashtag-van-life is the lack of transparency when it comes to money.

Yes, you have a rad van, a hot outdoorsy significant other, and the ability to climb anywhere, but how exactly are you paying for that?

I'm not talking karma points in life; I'm talking cold, hard cash.

As I've started dipping my toes in this world of what I call “regular extended mobility” (aka spending a few weeks at a time in my van every month), I decided I want to share my experiences as openly as possible, to help other van-dwelling hopefuls understand what it really takes to be part of this idealized but sometimes oversimplified community.

Outside, the loud sounds of industrial Greenpoint buzzed away. I headed into the office and passed around my phone to show photos to all my coworkers, who were impressed by "Helen," my grandmother's name and the name I'd given the van. I unloaded my gear and settled in, stretching my legs and getting a real lay of the land.

I could almost stand up straight in the van, but found that being six-two had me constantly hunched over for fear of smashing my head on some object on the ceiling.

The impetus for this story came about when Lori, 44, the CEO of Flying Television a celebrity-based marketing, PR, and events firm told me that she had met her fiancé Jan, a 48-year-old who works in institutional equity at Janney Montgomery Scott, on Tinder.

Lori is a pro at setting other people up—she has something like six marriages under her belt.

In their motley programme, they achieve a highly distinctive blend that conjures up the unmistakable ‘JANOSKA STYLE’.