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Dating wedgwood queensware

He commented on the 6th March 1765 in a letter to his elder brother John, 'I have begun a course of experiments for a white body & glaze which promises well hitherto'.

Its widespread use and popularity are exemplified in the writings of the Frenchman, Faujas de Saint Fond, in 'Voyage en Angleterre': "Its excellent workmanship, its solidarity, the advantage which it possesses of standing the action of the fire, its fine glaze, impervious to acid, the beauty, convenience and variety of its forms and its moderate price have created a commerce so active and so universal, that in travelling from Paris to St Petersburg, from Amsterdam to the furthest points of Sweden, from Dunkirk to the southern extremity of France, one is served at every inn from English earthenware.

The same fine articles adorn the tables of Spain, Portugal, & Italy, and it provides the cargoes of ships to the East Indies, the West Indies and America." Despite Wedgwood's initial success, the trials for cream coloured earthenware continued.

Wedgewood can like many other things be dated by a combination of how it is made, how it is marked and what it is.

Without the obvious date stamp you have to go with the time period certain marks were used.

Restrained and stylish, Edme is fashioned from Queen's Ware, a fine, cream-coloured earthenware developed by Josiah Wedgwood I in the mid-18th century.

The pattern, too, is historic, commissioned in 1906 by French architects and designers Dannier Frères and created by Wedgwood art director, John Goodwin.

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