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Elisabeth shue ralph macchio dating

1994 - Present Elisabeth Shue and director Davis Guggenheim have three children together: a son named Miles William (November, 1997); daughter Stella Street (March, 2001); and daughter Agnes Charles (June, 2006).

Her gutsy portrayal of a prostitute mixed up with a suicidal alcoholic paid off as she was recognized with a Best Actress nomination at the Academy Awards that year.

Elisabeth Shue also received many honors in nominations from various award shows for this same performance in LEAVING LAS VEGAS. In December of 2002, Elisabeth Shue co-starred with Peter Sarsgaard in the Off-Broadway Revival of BURN THIS by Lanford Wilson.

Shue attended Wellesley College and, in her junior year, was inspired by a friend to work in television commercials as a way to pay for college.