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Two great shapes plummeted out fromthe blazing display, limbs flailing. " he replied, while being shook about like a rag doll."It's just fireworks...! please let us offer our apologies." The JA rep and all others therebowed deeply. The Evangelion might be powerful, but if it has to -walk- to the battlethen it could run out of power before doing anything useful.""The delivery system does seem to be an obvious flaw in the Evangelion as a weaponssystem." Ritsuko added. In another time, Jet Alone and its parent company would have been just a footnote inthe emerging final history of Man. If anything, theold buildings made for convenient targets for prototype weapon tests."The Jet Alone project was intended as a cost-effective alternative to the Evangelion Project. Shinji Ikari and Principio Eternus proved conclusively how flawed andinsufficient it was for the challenges ahead. We were already in the middle of constructing the first production model. He lifted his mike up, and all theworkers and technicians watching cheered. Pauldron Mark One gives only fifteen minutes of operationalfreedom but in our Mark Four we may extend that up to an hour. "IN HIS name, Prog CHAINSWORD.""Oooh..." wafted through the structure. when it comes to buildingweapons, you just don't have nearly the same expertise or acuity."Misato raised her hand. It's not like we actually need topay for that stuff. The JSSDF Positron Cannon is THE ONLY purehuman weapon that proved capable of taking out an Angel.

Beside the school is your house where you can get a rest when it gets to the evening.

(In the case of Simgirls I like worrying about my stats, relationship exp, and gaining money for items to keep Karin alive in the beginning simultaneously)The only other one I can think of I've played and liked is Love Plus.

Eva Dating Sim is an adventure game on which you try to defend the earth from these creatures called angels which appear usually on Sundays and Tuesdays, and to also try and get an evangelion girl. At the bottom of the screen is your school where you can get your IQ higher.

Its fingers twitched, its four eyes glowed withanger. " said Misato, while rubbing her eyes."That was too close."Even Ritsuko looked ready to murder someone. It was mostly by their contact communication that theycould even hear each other anyway."..I do not need to defend us from snipers and militant psychologists.""Oh."-o-Misato had already locked onto and seized the Jet Alone representative. It wasn't as if their weapons were proving to be of any useanyway."Leaving aside the hideous expense of stuffing missiles with such childish warheadsand setting them off... She began to cackle madly."Now look what you've done." said Misato, letting go of the man. As you can see, itadds greater protection to the joints and angled armor over the critical chest area. It stood beside what looked to be an Eva-sized backpack. "We still haven't figured out what IN HIS name to give it.