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Après la projection du film, sera proposée la lecture du scénario par des comédiens puis un retour d'expérience en présence des collaborateurs du film : réalisatrice, techniciens, producteurs (de La mer à boire productions)...

SAN ANTONIO - The University of Texas at San Antonio Police Department has moved to terminate one of its officers and has demoted two of its supervisors after uncovering body camera footage of the officer throwing a man to the ground, then handcuffing him outside an off-campus apartment in February. 14 incident was captured on the body camera of Officer Sean Callahan as he and other officers from UTSA and the San Antonio Police Department responded around p.m.

The footage shows Callahan grabbing Richardson by the shirt when the man attempts to pull up his pants.

Callahan throws Richardson to the ground after someone inside the apartment shuts the door.

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Immediately after completion of the investigation, Terre des Hommes handed over all the information gathered to the appropriate authorities.

Meanwhile a first arrest was already made in Australia.

(Expletive)-up blinds and everything," Callahan is heard saying on the footage before he knocks on the apartment's door.

A man, later identified as 23-year-old Jonathan Richardson, walks outside and immediately puts his hands up.

The 21-year-old man whom police believe shot himself was hospitalized but did not suffer serious injuries, according to an SAPD incident report.