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Friends joey and rachel dating

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) The whole Anna Faris adopting mother storyline (waste of a fantastic comedy actress) Ross keeping his marriage to Rachel a secret (weird) Rachel trying too hard in her cheerleader outfit (desperate) Ross and his tanning mishaps and/or white teeth (not funny) Joey not being able to learn French (we know he's dumb, but he's not THAT dumb) Ross banging one of his students (seriously, Ross, get a grip on your life) The opinions expressed in the comments section are those of the viewer and do not reflect those of

But then, they expected me to get off that ship just as quickly.

I’m here to tell you that putting Rachel and Ross back together at the end of the series was sentimental and just plain wrong.

She is best friends with Ross Geller, who had a major crush on Rachel.

She, along with her sisters, were spoiled rotton and were given anything she and her sisters wanted.

Rachel was the middle child of Leonard Green and Sandra Green.

Her elder sister is Amy Green and the youngest is Jill Green.

Unfortunately, it was hard to move past the fact that her apartment was messy.