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Headline feed not updating

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How We Are Improving Our Efforts One of our News Feed values is authentic communication, so we’ve been working to understand what people find authentic and what people do not.

We’ve learned from last year’s update that we can better detect different kinds of clickbait headlines by separately — rather than jointly — identifying signals that withhold or exaggerate information. ” We addressed this similarly to how we previously worked to reduce clickbait: We categorized hundreds of thousands of headlines as clickbait or not clickbait by considering if the headline exaggerates the details of a story, and separately if the headline withholds information.

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RSS feeds could not be updated." This RSS feed error just started popping up when I access Win Live POP3 Mail.

I noticed that on two of my websites the import of news items from my own blogs on these pages into the Home page were not working anymore. Yesterday I purchased two similar stacks, in order to use them instead: Reblog (Joe Workman) and News Grid from Rapid Ideas.

News Grid (which has the desired functionality of truncating the text) only shows on my simple test site the headlines but no text or images. Barz Stacks has tweeted about it: Found an alternative rss feed that works great by Will Woodgate: Been testing it and it's a good replacement just wish there was an option to turn the slider aspect of it off so it's static with the most recent feed at the top. Gorgeous masonry responsive layout* New options for opening links in new window, date formatting, colours, description (snippet length) and as many posts as you want* Support for SSL feeds* Now powered by Yahoo (since Google closed their RSS API) Meanwhile I got a development version of the stack from the developer and it works - great! On the other hand, nothing back from the support team of Doobox concerning the non-functioning RSS Factory, even after writing to them several times. Franz ‌Denn das ganze Gesetz ist erfüllt, wenn ihr das eine Gebot haltet: „Liebe deinen Nächsten wie dich selbst!

On my big website there is the same error message as with the Reblog stack ("Sorry this feed could not be loaded"). I know that I also have serious troubles with Plus Kit, but I deleted Plus Kit from the test project and it is a simple thing and nothing complicated. “‌ Galater 5,14Franz Rathmair | Mobil: 43 650 53 46 175 | Web: Managed to get the Blogger feed working across all browsers on 2 of my sites with Stacks4Stacks Feedslider but found it doesn't work with Chrome Canary (not a major problem as Canary is a daily build development browser).

If it isn't enabled, then enable it msfeedssync enable 3.