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Hong kong reality show dating

"There's no profiles or photographs – we connect the people ourselves; it's very personal." The agency's sales pitch appears to be working.

"I certainly see that plenty of times on the shows that I've worked on, and I go see the comments and I just laugh because yes, that did happen.

That genuinely was a father and son rolling around the dirt fighting.

Clearly, interest in reality TV isn't going anywhere, but critics of the genre are quick to dismiss these hit shows by calling them "scripted" or "fake." "I've never worked on a scripted reality series.

Good luck trying to get f---ing reality talent to do anything scripted, because they're so difficult.

But you won't find any profiles or pictures of potential partners on Berkeley International's site.

"We interview every single client – we'll travel to meet wherever they are in the world," she said.

So I don't even know what that means, that accusation," one producer of several reality shows, including Bravo's "Real Housewives" franchise, told Business Insider on condition of anonymity.