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I love dating in the dark

They can interact with them only in a pitch black meeting room where viewers can see what’s going on but the participants cannot.

I'd been friends with Benari for years and this, thrillingly, would be the first night I'd invite him to come home with me. Seven days later, I would leave New York City on a one-way flight back to my native Los Angeles. He was in the Army Reserve, and to my surprise, he visited often and I loved picking him up from LAX in my '84 El Camino. Over appetizers at Bossa Nova, he told me that he'd received a call that afternoon. He was my partner through the chaos of adjusting to life in a new city, and he was drama free, unlike my out-of-work actress roommate. He was part of my life before Greg, whom I met one...

We had whiskey at Bigfoot West and ate Tacos El Gallito burritos from the truck parked next to my studio apartment off Venice and La Cienega boulevards. Ditty was my first companion after relocating from Michigan to Los Angeles.

I wanted to know if the Dark Room was as dark as it looks. It gave me the chance to give guys the time of day who I wouldn't normally."How flirty were you with the guys on the show? I don't think that's the best way to get to know someone.