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In dian sex kams pic

The great Sanskrit poems and plays of the poet Kalidasa, whose works drew on the legendary epics, and India's famous treatise on erotic love, the Kama Sutra, also date to the Gupta period.

Marriages Are Usually Arranged Girls and young women are restricted, protected and prevented from mixing with boys.

Premarital sex is considered patently and categorically immoral.

Brahmins are members of the Hindu priestly class or caste.

Brahmins are considered the highest of the four main castes in traditional Hindu society, followed by the Kshatriyas (warriors and rulers), Vaishyas (traders and merchants), and Shudras (laborers and servants).

In normal coversation, open talk of sex is an embarrassment.

On the streets and in the public gathering places of the big cities, men tend to congregate with men, and women with women, and seldom do the sexes intermingle.

India's rich literary heritage was passed from generation to generation through the oral tradition, by Brahmin priests who faithfully memorized ancient texts, and inscribed on palm-leaf manuscripts as shown here.

The country's earliest surviving literature, the Vedas are books of religious hymns.

It is largely in prose, with many inserted anustubh poetry verses. The Kama Sutra (Burton translation) says: "Dharma is better than Artha, and Artha is better than Kama.

Kāma means sensual or sexual pleasure, and see "sūtra". But Artha should always be first practised by the king for the livelihood of men is to be obtained from it only.

NEW DELHI, April 21— It was just an obscure, two-paragraph item in the papers a few days ago.

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