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Intimidating uncle

Come check out what Paranoia Escape the Room has to offer.

As the only witness, Starr has some important decisions to make about speaking out.

The mainstream media is portraying Khalil as a gang member, drug dealer, and a thug.

While this can seem a bit daunting, it can also open a whole new world to you.

A world of not only enjoying the perks of a new status in the family but, also one of getting to enjoy the fun of being around kids (and a renewed youth) without all the responsibilities of being the parent.

Starr sticks to the instructions her father gave her about dealing with the police; do what they tell you, keep your hands visible, no sudden movements, don’t speak unless they ask you a question.

Khalil, unarmed, does not follow the police officer’s instructions and is shot and killed.

The Hate U Give” is a timely Young Adult novel about a young woman forced through violence to choose her own path.