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History At the turn of the twentieth century, the Tatas wanted to build a steel plant in India.

Jamshedji Tata went to Pittsburgh and asked geologist Charles Page Perin to help him find the site to build his dream -- India's first steel plant. Weld, Dorab Tata and Shapurji Saklatvala, took nearly three years in a painstaking search across vast stretches of inhospitable terrain to find a suitable location.

The search for a site rich in the resources needed for the plant, namely iron, coal, limestone and water began in April 1904 in today's . One day, almost by accident they came across a village called Sakchi (now part of Tatanagar), on the densely forested stretches of the Chhota Nagpur plateau, near the confluence of the Subarnarekha and Kharkai rivers.

It seemed to be the ideal choice and the place was selected.

leader_title =leader_name =altitude = 135population_as_of = 2001population_total = 1,104,713approximate_in_2008 = 16 lacspopulation_density =area_total =area_telephone = 0657postal_code = 831 001vehicle_code_range =JH05sex_ratio =899f/1000munlocode =website =in/footnotes = Jubilee Park is decorated with brilliant lightwork for about a week, attracting people from all parts of the nation.

The city has several nicknames including 'Steel City' (which was referenced during Tata Steel's 'Green City - Clean City - Steel City' campaign); 'Tatanagar' after the name of its railway station or simply 'Tata' in deference to the significant presence of Tata companies in the city & it's adjoining areas.

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