Start Jessica alba dating baron davis

Jessica alba dating baron davis

He figures out Drama is from Viking Quest and storms through a gym ready to pounce. (Sorry, Common, but you have an Oscar.) I don't know why the Green Bay Packers linebacker is at the party/screening, but he’s been working the cameo circuit this summer.

Jude’s Children’s Hospital and the Red Cross to support relief efforts following the earthquake in Haiti.

Wu’s videos have received replies from Jessica Alba and Baron Davis.

In the NBA, some of the mascots range from being unbelievably awesome to odd to just plain stupid.

One of my personal favorites is Go the Gorilla (pictured), who has been entertaining Phoenix Suns fans for years.

Changing Da Game: You Tube Legends and the Future of Online Media Saturday, March 13 | pm Sundance Kabuki Cinemas $8 General | $6 CAAM Members Tickets available online or in person at Sundance Kabuki Cinemas MODERATOR: Lisa Lee | Publisher, Hyphen magazine PANELISTS: Kevin Wu aka Kev Jumba Ryan Higa aka Nigahiga Timothy Chantarangsu aka Timothy De La Ghetto Wong Fu Productions From lessons on how NOT to kiss a date to professional music videos to nonsensical musings on life, these online performers have mastered the craft of DIY media.

While their videos are often off-the-wall, Nigahiga, Timothy De La Ghetto, Kev Jumba, and Wong Fu Productions have made a serious name for themselves in the entertainment business, garnering millions of followers through online mediums.

They sat cuddling in a corner, he seemed very interested in the conversation they were having, and even more interested in downing drinks.

He seemed friendly as fans came up to him and asked for pictures.

My friends in town from Minneapolis were impressed, but were hoping for a Li Lo sighting.

[PUFF DADDY going through the motions on an elliptical at Equinox West Hollywood.

Though some may find them annoying, there's no denying that mascots are just plain awesome.