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Of her early success, she says, "It didn't feel like acting in a very conscious sense. I just remember feeling that I really, really enjoyed it.

It was so unexpected and such a surprise."Since then, you might have seen May as the haunted, strangely calm little girl who threw herself off a cliff in The Last of the Mohicans, or as the haunted, strangely calm vicar's daughter who fell into the grip of a religious cult in the TV drama Signs and Wonders. "Sometimes she seems like the young schoolgirl she must have been, the beneficiary of an accident of fate, but also its victim. I think I just tried to carry on as normal."Fifteen years later, she doesn't mind telling me that she grew up in north London, but she won't say where; this is something that comes under "personal details that you like to keep to yourself". When I ask May to describe herself, she thinks for a moment and says, "I'm the one in the jeans." It's then that you realise that she is still the teenager desperate not to stand out; she is still trying to carry on as normal.

Between them they have picked up every award going but Mark Rylance and Emma Thompson had their hands full with their latest co-stars. "They are also limited and I believe we must create great wildlife parks in the oceans where no human pursues the fish in order to sustain their livelihood and our own.” Thompson, 56 — whose film awards include a best actress Oscar for Howards End — and her actor husband Greg Wise, 49, got to grips with two black scabbardfish.

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Notable roles have included Alice Munro in Michael Mann`s The Last of the Mohicans as Lea Papin in Sister My Sister; as Florence Banner in the BBC adaptation of Tipping the Velvet, Queen Anne Boleyn in the first adaptation of The Other Boleyn Girl, and as Sabina Spielrein in the play The Talking Cure.

May has also directed a short film, and has a script in development.

In August 2005, May appeared in Blackbird by David Harrower alongside Roger Allam at the Edinburgh Festival in a production by German star director Peter Stein.

Born in Camden Town, London, May first acted at the age of 12 in 1988`s A World Apart.