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Justin chambers dating

The once dark and twisty doc is now bright and shiny. Derek (Patrick Dempsey) and Addison (Kate Walsh) are also still married.

They've gotten each other through some pretty tough times, and in 2017, their bond is stronger than ever.

Some fans, however, want to see things go a different direction — or at least, a romantic one."Merlex," as fans have taken to calling them, would makes sense.

It's a logical next step for the two pals to go considering all the memories they've shared, but what does Justin Chambers, who plays one half of the rumored couple opposite Ellen Pompeo, think of all this speculation?

“Or maybe he doesn’t want to cause problems at work — that sort of has a ripple effect, if you affect the doctors around you.” During the episode, Alex confronted De Luca to thank him, but De Luca wants nothing to do with him. We haven’t explored that yet, but I think they’ll drop a little hint that maybe he might come around.