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Some, like Doctor Insta, also offer an annual subscription fee for a family of four, at flat rates that start at Rs 1,000.“In India, it’s tedious for a patient to get to a doctor, even in the cities.

EClinic247 is among a host of new websites offering online diagnosis and treatment, a doctor’s opinion in minutes — and a second opinion within hours at extra cost.

Consultations are available via video, phone or live chat, with costs per consultation ranging from Rs 199 to Rs 400.

“Doctor Insta was set up a year ago to bridge that gap — and hopefully reduce the self-medicating that Indians are notorious for, where we just head to the local chemist and ask him what he would recommend.”There are, of course, questions about the accuracy of online diagnoses too, and the issue of how much you ought to trust the verdict of a doctor you have never met.“We are very strict about quality checks,” says Jeyandran Venugopal, founder and CEO of EClinic247, which is two years old.