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The Club was established in 1967 for the purpose of fostering mutual friendship and relationship with German Culture, to spread among others an understanding of German traditions and customs.

These cameras are intended to provide viewers with images of ocean and weather conditions along the coast at the inlets and adjacent beaches.

You will find locally caught seafood on the menu along with our award-winning key lime pie and the best sunset views around!

The wind sensor is located only 5 feet above the roof and thus may give wind speed readings that are often 50% lower than what they really are.

As a not-for-profit, we choose to give back generously to the community through our Donation fund. CALENDAR OF EVENTS There's always something going on at the Club!

Each Friday the Club holds a German-American Dance with live bands. CATERING From casual receptions, company cookouts and bridal showers to big events, expect the same quality of service at our club. We offer authentic German cooking, domestic and imported beer, carnival and much more. MISS OKTOBERFEST The Miss Oktoberfest Pageant is an event designed to encourage community participation in family programs and activities at the American-German Club of the Palm Beaches. is understood more generally to be a gathering in a pub on Sunday morning, traditionally held after church service and was celebrated in Germany since many hundreds of years.

It is located approx 8ft above the roof line in open space to allow accurate rainfall readings. This is the primary direction in which the winds will be blowing towards in most hurricane conditions.

Wireless Vantage Pro instruments are 33ft above ground and above the house & tree lines. The tower is poured in concrete & mounted to a second floor roof truss heavy duty bracket. Notice the guide wires thick cable with double lines running from the east and North. This image is from across the street in the direction that the cam usually faces.

They are not intended to be a navigational aide for boating or entry in and out of the inlets.