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Patricia Anne "Pattie" Weston (née Boyd) (born 17 March 1944) is an English model, photographer and author.

Her place in history is secure, but even with a body of accomplishments dating back to the early ‘70s, one particular song continues to vex the Grammy winner.

Coolidge claims she was unfairly denied songwriting credit on Derek & the Dominos’ iconic hit “Layla.” In her just published memoir (Harper), Coolidge details a songwriting session with Jim Gordon, who went on to co-write and record “Layla” alongside Eric Clapton.

It is oppression on steroids,” says Dana Jade, creator of Clit Rock.

Before you ask, Clit Rock is an upcoming night of musical performances by various artists, launched "out of sheer rage" to raise funds and awareness about FGM, after Jade, also a singer, discovered the work of anti-FGM campaign group Daughters of Eve.

She instead demands that she be referred to as a survivor.

And contrary to what many might think, she says that there is a lot of humour among her peers when dealing with the subject. Telling her I can’t see anything funny about it, she laughs and says one of the members of her group joked: “They cut us in order to stop us sleeping around … ” It is that attitude that has helped her through some of the more unsavoury results of her work.

He was evacuated by US forces to a hospital in the Iraqi Kurdish city of Sulaymaniyah, where he died.

His death has been honoured by Kurdish supporters, with many sharing the contents of a letter he wrote to his daughter in which he said it was his duty to “defend, work and fight” Isis to protect her future.

Boyd attended Hazeldean School in Putney, the St Agnes and St Michael Convent Boarding School in East Grinstead, and St Martha's Convent in Hadley Wood, Hertfordshire (where she received three GCE O level passes in 1961).

Boyd began her fashion career in 1962, modelling in London, New York City and Paris.

The commander fought against militants in Kobani in early 2015, according to the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.