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April went viral when park owner Jordan Patch set up a cam in April’s stall, streamed it live on You Tube and announced they would share the birth of the new giraffe calf with the world. 2017, but that time has passed, and Patch announced they were wrong with the timeline but things are progressing normally.

Hop aboard the MST trolley for a fast, fun and free ride to the Aquarium!

The trolley runs every 10 to 15 minutes with stops in downtown Monterey, Fisherman's Wharf, Cannery Row and the Aquarium.

Explore’s Cayman Reef Camera is located just inside of a fringe reef on the eastern side of Grand Cayman Island.

Atoll reefs form when a volcanic caldera collapses and sinks below the sea level.

Barrier reefs form parallel to coastlines and are separated from the land by deep channels, lagoons and bodies of water.

During low tide, some of the reef might be exposed, thus causing a barrier to ship navigation.

Without a specified due date, viewers rely upon April’s behavior and daily veterinarian examinations to stay up-to-date with her current condition.