Start Live updating line graph in wpf

Live updating line graph in wpf

Just select the “Simulate” Check Box and the “Start” button to start the simulation. Which you should be able to run immediately if you have Visual Studio 2012 or above.

Live Graph was developed in the academic domain and is being used for research on daily basis. Live Graph consists of 3 major components: a real-time plot suite – an open data file standard – several integration APIs.

The first and most important component is the Live Graph real-time plotter application.

We have a collection of business dashboards with downloadable source code for inspiration. Fusion Charts gives you complete flexibility to customize the charts according to your wish.

Now that all that’s clear, lets get into the lovely details.

The plotter reads the Live Graph data file (or any other CSV file) and plots the data series contained therein on the screen.

The plotter has two distinctive features which are not available elsewhere in this combination: The Live Graph framework provides an open standard for data files containing transferable data logs.

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