Start Ludwig snare drum dating

Ludwig snare drum dating

There are several ways to date Ludwig drums from all production periods.

We can pretty acurately date Ludwig drums and Ludwig serial numbers are a big help, but not an exact science.

Other special features like badges, shell plys and the interior finish all help in giving you a date range of your drums manufacture.

It was the day the Beatles appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show.

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The Acrolite used the same Shell material, and was built using the same process & equipment as the Supra Phonic 400 with the only difference between the two being that the 400 was drilled for ten Lugs and was chrome plated with the 404 getting eight Lugs and having an Anodized finish.

I will also be adding some information “along the way” based on things I learned while reconditioning both Acrolites & Supra-Phonics.

With the name “Ludwig” painted on Ringo’s bass drumhead, it marked also the beginning of the Ludwig Drum Company’s largest boom in their production history.