Start Marshall cab serial number dating

Marshall cab serial number dating

One of the most common questions we get here is, “What kind of Marshall amp should I buy?

In this respect the Marshall shop was no different from any other music shop.

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We’ll cover that and cover in general what seems to work the best to maximize a particular Marshall.

Some work well with high-output style humbucking pickups, others really come alive with PAF (i.e. While certainly there is much opinion about what makes good tone – which can be an argument in and of itself – there are certain facts and consistencies of setups to avoid.

Right now i have a sound city 120, online dating 3rd date a vht pitbull50, a orange OD120, an 800 and a couple *ty amps. Marshall cabinets didn't officially include serial numbers until October 1992. 2, still, some users prefer the pre-JCM800 amplifiers, claiming that those have a warmer, less "brittle" sound.

I really like the 45's the best but their aint worth the tone.

But back to the first question regarding what kind of Marshall to get…