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That's because the three parties in the pro-European Union governing coalition control a majority of parliament's 101 seats while Dodon's supporters in the Socialist Party of The Republic of Moldova (PSRM) control only 25 seats.

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Moldova's pro-Russia President Igor Dodon has proposed a new flag for his country that would eliminate similarities the current banner has with the flag and coat of arms of neighboring Romania.

Dodon said on February 2, Moldova's statehood day, that he wants lawmakers and civil society to discuss the idea and come up with legislative proposals "in the weeks or months ahead." Legal experts conclude that changing Moldova's national flag would require parliamentary legislation that is unlikely to be approved by the current ruling coalition.

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Historians say the tricolors of the current flags of Moldova and Romania reflect a common heritage dating back long before the late 19th century when the lands of present-day Moldova formed part of the Kingdom of Romania.

Dodon's proposal also would remove the eagle from Moldova's flag -- a symbol that is similar on the coat of arms of both Moldova and Romania.

Chisinau is the capital of the Republic of Moldova, which is a historical city well known throughout the entire world, and at the same time it is the biggest municipality in the country, beside that it is also its historical, educational and social center.