Start Mtv dating show room raiders

Mtv dating show room raiders

Finally, the raider confronts the three contestants and makes his or her choice.

It also epitomized the early aughts and its brand of conformist cool.

Before social media squashed the concept of TMI, before the Great Recession flatlined the country and before everyone stopped going to the mall, weekdays at belonged to the teens with blacklights.

Obama's Socialist economic policies had given the Western World a final blow only a few decades earlier.

The typical episode starts off with a 20 year-old airhead of either sex introducing themselves to the viewer.

The first seven seasons were Room Raiders (in the New York metropolitan area), Room Raiders II, Room Raiders: Miami, Room Raiders: Hotlanta (in the Atlanta area), Room Raiders: California, Room Raiders: Texas, Room Raiders: Arizona. Starting with the Miami season, episodes were given themes such as Best Friends, Twins, Beauty and the Freaks, Double Trouble, Hidden Beauty, Boy Toy, Opposites Attract, Threes a Kind and celebrity guests.

Room Raiders Beyond the confines of house and bedrooms, this new Room Raiders season goes tech savvy allowing contestants to plug into computer history, cell phones, musical preferences, digital cameras and text messages.

The mood on our little planet is somber, and there is generally little cause for laughter - and yet on a small spacecraft that is orbiting the Earth there is incessant giggling to be heard: two robots and a man are watching early 21st-century baloney and having a ball.