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Naughty video chatting nude

The topic of discussion on the online video chat could be anything – sports, Hollywood gossips, politics, or even sex. Using this live video chat platform at Omnichat, you can get indulged in some of the kinkiest chat discussions with boys and girls from all over the world.

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Needless to say, you shouldn't install that fake Flash Player update.

But it may be too late, because the malicious You Tube page will attempt to infect your browser with a drive-by download as soon as you land on it.

Kik's terms of service ban pornography and nudity, but a search for “kik nudes” offers copious exceptions to these rules.

Kik offers a guide for parents, but it's not terribly helpful.

That's the premise of a new malware-distribution scam that has infected 2 million people, according to Romanian anti-malware company Bitdefender.

The scam, which spreads a piece of malware called Trojan. A, first appears as an advertisement on Facebook pages with a title such as "[Friend's name]'s private video" or "[friend's name]'s naked video." You'll also see a picture of that friend, drawn from your friend's Facebook photos, in the ad.

(And some of those who say they don't were probably lying.) Meanwhile, less than one in five parents are aware that their teens are viewing porn, uploading racy photos, or chatting with total strangers." data-reactid="12"According to a June 2012 survey conducted by Mc Afee, more than 70 percent of teens hide their online behavior from their parents.