Start Nfohump not updating

Nfohump not updating

It was in the First Shadow War when the Guardians of Ember stood up against the evil forces for the first time.

It’s a community oriented tracker which indexes general/0Day releases by scene and non scene groups as well as uploads by its own internal teams.

Use our special signup key posted at the end of this article to gain access to ACi D.

Just like their sister site Merlin, ACi D is having a signup party through which members can instantly register for an account without having to go through interviews, invite applications or any other barriers.

For those of you who haven’t heard about this tracker, AL is a veteran Bit Torrent site that is almost 5 years old.

This tracker hasn’t had an open signup in the recent past so this is an excellent opportunity for those who waited in line to get in. Acid isn’t by any means a newcomer to the Bit Torrent scene.

The site is set to celebrate its fifth birthday in a couple of months time, in January 2011.

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