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It is hard to form trust in the people on any chatroom you participate in, and when an individual has several identities it causes mistrust, paranoia, as well as suspicion of new members. Please inform chat moderator if you want to use another name.

“We had other people in there and it was still guns and drugs, but not this.

Even with three loyal dogs standing guard, she says she is too scared to sleep — scared of death threats and intimidation, scared of the people who live behind her. They are known for regularly chatting between yards and keeping an eye out for each other, but tensions in this close-knit part of Saskatoon have hit a boiling point as they battle to keep control of their yards and homes in spite of gang members and drug users who frequent what Wiebe describes as a “meth house” across the back alley.

She says the rental house has been an issue in the neighbourhood for years, but the last tenants never returned after police tactical officers went in and brought out the occupants in handcuffs.

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You lie, cheat on your wife, manipulate people and talk badly about them behind their backs.

Not only is it a great diversion from advance sheets, cases, and the dreary things that lawyers have to read (including, but not limited to opposing counsel’s pleadings and motions, as well as deposition transcripts and the like), it’s a terrific story.

) The lawyer(s) interviewing us wore suits and ties. In those days, women wore “power” suits with those very stupid string ties or a variation of same.