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Paul wesley dating phone

We were this close to never knowing about Tyler Lockwood. Mc Queen’s granddad is the “King of Cool” legendary actor Steve Mc Queen.

With Elena in her 60-year sleep, the show has shifted from a love triangle saga to one of restoration and redemption. Damon Salvatore is totally inspired by a real life dude name Damian Salvatore!!! Apparently, executive producer Les Morgenstein knew a guy named Damian Salvatore when he was growing up. Elena spent a great deal of time trying to protect her little brother Jeremy from the horrors of Mystic Falls. Mc Queen who plays Jeremy, is 6 months older than Nina Dobrev. He once told Girlfriend Magazine, ““When I was a kid my family was staying in a rental in Rhode Island in Cape Cod.

Still, as we’ve watched the good, bad and the evil over the past several years, there are many things that we never knew about The CW hit show. Word on the street is that The CW thought Salvatore was “too Italian” (whatever that means), for the world of Mystic Falls. Though the real life Damian isn’t a bloodsucker, he was still a rebel and a badass. I woke up and saw a woman standing with her arms crossed, starring out the window.

He has one older sister, Monika Emara (née Wasilewski) and two younger sisters, Leah and Julia Wasilewski.

Wesley attended Christian Brothers Academy in Lincroft, New Jersey and Marlboro High School for a period during his high school years.

He started his theater studies in New York City and transferred from Marlboro High School to Lakewood Prep School in Howell, New Jersey because the school was able to better accommodate his acting schedule.

During his junior year in high school, he was cast in the soap opera Guiding Light as character Max Nickerson.

But I was walking home one day at like 2 a.m., and it was freezing—it must have been 20 degrees outside,” Paul said. This little baby, eight-month-old kitten, was nearly frozen under a car.

It’s funny because I’ve been doing so much work with The Humane Society and everyone [kept] asking me if I had a pet, and I would [say] no.

deleted scene that was just unveiled by none other than showrunner Julie Plec.

It seems that the scene was lost after putting together all the extras for the DVD boxset that will be coming out soon.

James Infirmary in New Orleans, Stefan (Paul Wesley) gets a visit from his old frenemy Klaus Mikaelson (Joseph Morgan). and the 5 worst While the two knock back drinks and update each other on the goings on of the past few years (and how crazy is it that Klaus and Stefan have not laid eyes on each other since way back in Season 4), Klaus recognizes Stefan’s Phoenix scar and promptly kicks him out of the city to avoid bringing Rayna down on his family.