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Service as priestess of Demeter at Olympia, that hot and uncomfortable place, evidently led to the installation of Regilla's nymphaeum, fed by Herodes' aqueduct and credited to him by later writers (not only male), who have made even her dedication to Hygieia a joint affair.

Ellington was intrigued to be the subject of an academic study and offered to attend a class to learn exactly how he worked.

The son and grandson of dentists, Irving Herbert Pomeroy was born at Gloucester, Massachusetts, on April 15 1930, and took up the trumpet after seeing Louis Armstrong in a film.

Names: Don and Chrissie Sillars Pub: The Pomeroy, Amersham How long have you been regulars here?

It's reasonably priced, the atmosphere is good and the staff are very good. We have a particular table we seem to hit every time which allows you to see a fire - albeit an imitation gas fire - and if there's any sunshine you can see it through the window.

Table of Contents At the height of the Antonine age, the plutocrat, former Athenian archon, and Roman consular Herodes Atticus, whose wife Regilla had miscarried and died in the eighth month of pregnancy, allegedly from a blow to the belly administered at her husband's order by his freedman Alcimedon for a trivial cause, was prosecuted for her murder by her brother Bradua, consul ordinarius of AD 160, either in that year or afterwards; whose speech proving not to the purpose, the defendant, denying the order and pointing to his public grief, was acquitted.

Rightly so, according to Philostratus (VS 556), who likes to think well of his subjects and dedicates his Lives of the Sophists to Herodes' descendant (VS 479), but not according to those even at the time who considered his grief a sham, and certainly not to Pomeroy, who in this book renders justice to Regilla, a marginal figure in scholarship hitherto, not only as a victim but as a woman and a noblewoman. 38, Regilla gave birth to Elpinice, after which the family moved to Herodes' city; in ch.

1886 to mark the appointment of Henry Doulton as 'Potter to H. A simplified version showing only the coronet on a flat base and the word DOULTON was also used.